Glenn Hoover - I'm a retired Systems Engineer (SE). As an SE, I wrote hundreds of user manuals. I love to build models. I've always made some sort of checklist to make sure I accounted for all of the pieces. I decided to take it a step further and fully document the model build. I'm a member of the International Plastic Modeler's Society (IPMS) and a member of the Delaware Valley Scale Modelers (IPMS Region 2).


My Process for these Instruction Books

I research the model's real life to document it's history. I take photos of the box and each individual sprue sheet along with any photo etch frets if applicable. I scan the instruction sheets from both the model and photo etch manufacturers into my computer. I closely examine each instruction and build a detailed checklist that contains screen shots of the applicable section of the manufacturer's instruction. I logically add the photo etch instructions in with the main model instructions in such a way that you can skip these steps if you don't have the photo etch. After I complete the checklist, it's time to build the model. I make adjustments and add notes as I proof the checklist by actually building the model. I also include photos of the assembly and the finished model.


My Equipment

Scanner - Brother MFC-8710DW This unit is capable of scanning high res images which is great for copying the model's decal sheet.

Computer - MacPro  with 64GB RAM and an 18T RAID hard drive along with a two large 4k monitors.

Software - Adobe's Creative Cloud suite of applications.

  • InDesign is used for the actual manual
  • Photoshop is used to modify the manufacturer's instructions
  • Lightroom is used to process the photos
  • Muse is used for this web page

Camera - Canon 5DSR with several macro and wide angle lenses for the photos

Glenn Hoover Plastic Model Builds, LLC