Black & White vs Color

Black & White (Grayscale) vs Color

I've read several reviews of my books. Most of the comments are
about the grayscale format wishing it was color.

UPDATE January 2022 - The requests for color (and complaints for lack of) continue so I have added a color version for all standard bound books . The grayscale will still be available. As mentioned previously, the cost of color is about 2 to 3 times that of grayscale. The color version will be made with premium paper and have a glossy cover. Color print versions will be limited to Standard Bound books (Amazon). If the demand warrants, I'll expand this process to Spiral Bound books (Lulu).

History - In October 2018, I changed the format of the printed version (both standard and spiral bound) to grayscale. The reason was simply cost. I released my first book in early 2016 and it was full color and not cheap. My next 10 books were also in color. The purchase price (not including shipping) for the standard bound books (thru Amazon) was between $20 to $30 and for the spiral bound books (thru Lulu) was between $30 and $50. I thought this was too expensive for most modelers. In some cases, my color books cost as much or more than the model kit. I had to make a change. By changing the interior pages to grayscale, the price dropped by almost 70%. I decided that this reduction was worth the sacrifice of no more interior color pages.

Keep in mind that a PDF Download is also available . All PDF Downloads are in color.