Photos of finished F-14A Models

8/2/2018 - Note: Stephen Mitulinski  (and Haagen Klaus) noticed an error on my part... There is one error you need to correct if you want to use this model in a diorama. You either need to raise the tow bar, or lower the nose if you show it attached to the catapult nose tow shuttle. The Tomcat was launched in a nose down or kneeling position. I was on the Enterprise in 1974 when the Tomcats first deployed. I worked on the Waist Catapults at the time. The Tomcat was unique in the fact that when it was released at the end of the cat stroke, the nose wheel was forced up by hydraulic fluid being pushed back into the nose cylinder. This assisted in getting lift on to the wings. The rest of the book is excellent and I purchased the Tamiya kit just to do this build.